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View Full Version : Burning a VCD

March 31st, 2003, 05:32 AM
I know that this must have been on here before but need to know
which disc to use.. Digital Audio CD-R or CD-RW? I tried both and
only the regular CD-R worked in the particular DVD player that I was
trying it out on. Had no music on this show so can not comment on
that but did have the transitions but it showed as just cuts on the
Also when burning from Nero could some one send me some easy to do
instructions. I do the show using the create a DVD format and save
the show and get a Nero image but now how do I burn that to the disc
correctly? If I click on the Nero page comes up but there is a thing
that has something about "Foreign Image Settings" which I have no
idea what that is. I am going to download a photo of that page to
the photo section in here. Sandy

March 31st, 2003, 10:03 PM
Yes but if I do it either way I get this pix that is on here as an attachme
nt and not sure what to do with that. If I leave it as it is shown then it
will tell me that it is not the right attributes or something of that natu
re but then went I take the other choice it will work but the disc will not
always play. Some one said that I have to use the regular CD non re writab
le disc and some say that it does not make a difference.

April 1st, 2003, 03:56 AM
Hello Sandy

Have you tried double clicking the .NRG file?

or try this: