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View Full Version : Background Music vs. Slide Show Length

April 8th, 2003, 02:04 AM
Following issue turned up when I was working with the menu
structure - I do not know if more folks encountered this and would
like to see this improved .....

I'm using xatshow to keep the 'homefront' updated on family stuff -
therefore the feature to create menu structure is highly
appreciated - I try to put as many different slideshow on one disc,
preferably with different music tracks as background .... Good Dutch
practise! ;-)

Unfortunately in most cases - the music lasts LONGER than the
slideshow ... then as the slideshow stops at the last slide the
music continues to play until the end is reached .... only then
(sometimes can be long time) it jumps to the next slideshow.

Could there be a feature (opposite to "spaced to music length") that
will cut the music after the last slide ? In this way control over
the slide duration is still in-tact (opposite to "spaced to music
length") and there will be no 'delay' in the jump to the next
slideshow/menu !

regards, Michael