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View Full Version : 5.02 vs 5.1 beta

May 13th, 2003, 07:20 PM
I am really confused on the Xat now.
I had previously had version 5.02 on my computer and then downloaded
the beta 5.1 version and put it in a separate folder within my
programs files with the two different names on those folders as
suggested by John Greenwood. Thought that it was all set as I had
made a shortcut for the new one to my desktop also.
Now I went to the first shortcut and when I checked it said that it
is version 5.02 but then the shortcut for what I believed to be the
5.01 beta says the same thing. Okay that is all fine as my program
itself is running as 5.01 with the built in burning part on it but
why do both programs show as 5.02? I hope that this is not too
confusing for someone to answer for me and so far have had no
problems at all with the one that is named 5,02 but doing what the
beta version does when it comes to doing my VCD's.
Also John G if you read this please let me know how you got the
transitions to work for you on VCD's or is this only available on
the pro version of the Xat?
Thanks ever so much Sandy

May 13th, 2003, 09:44 PM
Sandy I have the Standard version and as I said I only tried the latest bet
a and it produced transitions on the tv. I just made the show as normal and
made sure transitions was selected.
To get your shortcuts to work properly, first delete them and then go to on
e of the programs, right click on its .exe and create a shortcut, then go
to the other program and do the same with that. Then you should have a shor
tcut for each program. You can rename the shortcuts if you want.