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View Full Version : Standard Edition Glithes Problems

August 23rd, 2003, 06:04 PM
I Bought the standard edition & when burning the cd with both options the pc & vcd on the same cd the pc version looks great & all music sounds great & everything is in sync with no glitches.
The vcd version when played in a dvd player & I have 3 all new that play vcd format & it's the same on all 3 some of the pictures are distorted they have these lines through the picture that look like it was suppose to be part of the picture but did not get read right in the create process & it looks like part of a picture on top of another picture.
The majority of the pictures look great on average 5 or 6 pictures per cd do this.
I use the sync music to pictures & this makes the pictures & music work out perfectly but again here & there the music will stop during a picture change or get a glitch in the music that is not there on the original music file.
I have a 52x24x52 Madd Dog burner with just link & buffer under run & using nero burning software even at the lowest burn speed 8x it still does the same thing.
I have nothing else open or running when I am doing this.
? Ever get the file must be 3 seconds or longer when you add a music file ? The song is over 3 minutes but that is what pops up ?
Have no idea why that happens most music files it accepts but here & there it will say must be 3 seconds or longer & they are all the same type mp3 files.
Soooooooooooooo I am at the point of is it my processor on my computer that is the culprit with the glitches ?
Running win 98-se 600 mhz.
Again the pc version is great & by the way why are there no transitions between pictures on vcd but there are on the pc version although when you are on the sequensor tab there is a check box that I check that says customize the slide show & shows it to have transitions & you can choose the effects & time ?
But when you play it they are only on the pc version.
All I want is an honest answer from someone in the know or someone having the same problems with a bigger & faster processor so I know the problem is not on my end.
I am going to go by a major brand cdr that specifies video & do it one more time & compare the ones I made on the maxell.
If it still has glitches in the pic's & music then I am down to two reasons my pc processor speed or it's just the program I suppose.
It is a shame it does so well the majority of the cd but just enough glitches to ruin it .
I guess for $39.00 you can't expect too much but if it worked as advertised I would pay more.
Very simple to use & learning curve is a snap.
I do give an A plus for ease of use.
80 gig & 256mb.
Could it be the type of blank cd's ? I am using Maxell cdr music.

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