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View Full Version : Burning the ISO to VCD concept

December 3rd, 2003, 01:10 PM
Hey gang
I'ne been using 5.02 for a while and
It works great for adding downloads to my web site so my friends can
see my new kid!

I figured I'd try to burn to Vcd option , so I could watch on my DVD

I have Ez 5.0 platinum..win 2000

I also have a program called ISO buster-which is used to extract
ISO's into complete extracted files

When I try to choose the auto-burning incorporation of Xat to EZCD it
automatically brings the ISO file into ISO buster-which can't extract
this anyway.

If I manually open EZCD and choose create CD from image,
it finds the ISO but that's all it burns...a copy of the ISO file.

If I try to choose to make a Video CD
than of course it needs an Mpeg.

So what am I missing !!!!

Thanks to all that reply