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View Full Version : stop looping? XAT: Feedback

February 2nd, 2004, 11:54 PM
Yes, I just realized that it is grayed out and unfortunately is a
professional only feature. While I absolutely love the program, I'm
not willing to pay $99 for this - I need to think about whether this
is 'must have' and would cause me to go with another program.

If folks from XAT participate on this forum, a piece of feedback is
that this feature to me seems a basic capability - other slideshow
programs have them. I'm using this to create shows from my digital
camera and I don't want them to loop. I'm more than happy to pay $39
for the standard edition for such a terrific program, but as a
personal user, I can't afford the $99. Please, please make the 'run
once' feature part of the standard package...


> That might only be for professional edition
> robin