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View Full Version : mp3 don´t play question

April 16th, 2004, 08:38 PM
I was tryed the XatShow software and it looks great,
but probably I am doing something wrong.
I made a slideshow with background music. It runs but
I can´t hear the music ( I used mp3 option because of
the size ).
Slideshow ask me for the MP3 codec, but my installed
Windows Media Player plays MP3 without problem.
My PC is W98 and the WMP is ver 7.01 ( spanish ).
Proving the slideshow in other PC´s I found that those
one that have installed the "Fraunhofer-Layer 3-
codec" it worked beautiful.
I read enough in Xat Forum but I can´t understand
exactly what the problem is.
Is it right that this codec has to be installed in
every PC for sharing the executables ?, or the music
file must be compressed in an specific format (
bitrates, quality, VBR and so on ) ?.
Would someone explain me what am I doing wrong, or how
does it work ?
Tanks in advance for your answer.
José Luis
PD: I used the latest XatShow 5.02 free version.

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