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View Full Version : xatshow 7.5 released

February 16th, 2006, 03:13 PM
xatshow 7.5 has been released. Click on the link below to get it. As you can see from the slideshow on the right you can now have any sized web slideshow you want. Useful for putting in odd places in a web page. 7.5 also allows any size of image in Digital Camera mode. This should allow xatshow to exploit HDTV - High Resolution TV systems.
Download xatshow now! (http://www.xat.com/xatshowi.exe) :D

If you have any comments then you can post them here or drop me an email.

Note: I intend to post all future xatshow release notifications to this thread, so if you subscribe to this thread (see "Thread tools") you will be notified of all future releases. :cool: