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View Full Version : some problems that I ran into

February 28th, 2003, 11:02 PM
I am sending this in this manner as I could not put an attachment in the fo
rum post to try to explain what I would like to know.
I for the first time got brave enough to try to do a show to a CD so that I
could see if it would work on a DVD player or not but got a couple of popu
ps on the page which I am including here as attachments.
One was to get a MP3Codec and that brought up a page which I sent to myself
to try to figure out as I have the Windows Media Player version 9 which is
that latest one that I know of available.
I went to that page where you can get that needed code but sorry to say tha
t I do not understand it.
I guess what I need to know is if someone would not mind taking the time to
tell me just what I need to do this kind of show. I can do them so that I
can watch them on here but would like to go further with it if possible.
I have read all of the tutorial and even printed it out but there are some
things there like this that are not explained there Thanks Sandy Davenpo

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