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View Full Version : 5.1 - Not ready for primetime

March 1st, 2003, 06:23 AM

I gave 5.1 a try and was anxious to see the quality of the images when
transitions were used in a VCD show. Sorry dude... it's pretty awful.

I created three shows with a menu. I used a fade (what I call a dissolve)
transition as that's what I would use probably 99% of the time and have also
found to be the true test of a good program.

The menuing system worked and the shows ran with music, but... the individual
image quality was very poor and the fade transitions were just plain wierd...
it was like the image went negative in the middle of the fade. It wasn't
even close to what we've come to expect from Xatshow.

I also did another disc, this time not using the VCD transitions and sticking
with the 704x480 image resolution setting. Perhaps it was my imagination,
but even those images seemed less sharp that what I've seen with earlier
versions of Xatshow.

I've been testing lots of different slideshow making programs and no one yet
has achieved the "Holy Grail" of a VCD show with both clean images --and--
transitions. It would seem that the two are mutually exclusive. My thought
is that if poor image quality is the sacrifice one must make to have
transitions in a VCD show... forget it. I'd rather stick with sharp images
and cuts-only transitions. That having been said... I'm rooting for ya...
perhaps you can achieve both!


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March 1st, 2003, 03:31 PM
Fade is fixed in beta 2 ...

High res stills should be as good as ever, hopefully this is not broken!

We still have work to do with transitions although this may be as good as it
gets. VCDs only support low resolution movies. I was interested to get some
feedback at this point.