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I am by no means actually degrading Xat. It is a very fine program
in its class. Actually the pictures are sharper then Pictures to
Exe. I use both for my business. I like the fact that Xat will make
a cd with both computer and vcd. I have not been with this forum
long enough to know much about if Xat can do svcd's and I guess they
can all I need is the updated software for this. I would say that
Xat in its own power has a good program and has a future and all of
us including myself should stick it out and learn all you can and
sample other programs to compare. I believe that Xat is ahead of the
field in certain ways and I like both programs. I wish we had a web
site like Picture to Exe to upload our presentations for all of us to
view. Perhaps one day. I would do this if only I could afford it.

I believe that Xat wants us to converse with other members and
perhaps work out our answers to our questions.

I look forward to another beta version that would perhaps have a
preview to see what our creations look like before we go through the


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