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XAT 5.02 Pro slideshow plus CD-DA question

Client requirements: CD with the XAT slideshow AND one long (60m) CD-
DA (Redbook) audio track on the one CD.

We have a client who has around 60 minutes of audio in addition to
the XAT slideshow we are making for him.
Making the slideshow is fine, the audio track will be an externally
edited 'piece' of the 60 minute audio.
What the client wants though is for the CD to play the 60 minute
track in a normal CD player in addition to the XAT slideshow playing
on a PC or his DVD player (as a VCD).
Has anyone done this before?
I'm thinking something like CD-Extra format or just a multi-session
type of CD but I cant quite get my head around how its going to be
We write our audio tracks from our DAW using CD Architect - resulting
in a finalised CD so we cant add any future data, perhaps we will use
something like EZCD or Nero etc which unfortunately arent as nice as
CD Architect but will probably do.
I'm guessing the audio track will need to 'appear' first to the cd
player otherwise we will just get data 'noise' as the player trys to
play the XAT slideshow?
Maybe its really easy and I'm missing something?


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