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XAT 5.02 Pro slideshow plus CD-DA question

i think you have same limitations with DVD---the music takes up too much
space and forever to download--hard to stop a song in midstream also.
Still think it easier to simply make music CD which is formatted to
slide show, and play it through the TV or wherevever the slide show is
being seen.Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 1:57 PM

I believe the limitation for 60 minutes of music with slides is not
the soft ware but the media. If you just recorded music, you are
limited to 70 some minutes of wave files before you run out of space
on a CD-R. 60 minutes of music wouldn't leave much space for
pictures. One compromise would be to do the music in mp3 format.
Still, the best improvement for Xatshow would be to give us some sort
of indication as to how much data we are intending to load onto a

I believe the best bet if someone wants a 60 minute slide show with
music is to look into DVD programs. Don't know of any product out
there that would fill the bill, but sure would be interested in any

> Russel, perhaps I am being to simplestic (spelling) about this but
> your customer wants the entire music (60 min) entact then why can't
> you just space to the music length and let the program spread out
> pictures to fit the music. Or just sync to the music but I confess
> have not figured out how to do this yet.
> Harry
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