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web slideshow made from free xatshow problem

Hi all,
I am new here, and figured someone could help me. Before I post my
question, I have to say that I really like this program because of
one main thing, and many little things. The main thing is that when I
decided to create a slideshow for the web, xat cuts down the
resolution of my photos copies, to be more compatible on the web. I
have a Cannon G3, and all my photos are originally over 1Mb a piece.

K, now my problem, I created a web slideshow, but cant get it to work
on the web. I uploaded all the photos, I uploaded the .jar
the .class and the copy of the html code from the clipboard viewer.
Everything, including the pictures were uploaded to my homeindex, and
all the files were adjusted to be shown from that folder. When I try
to view, I get a java error. I have my java enabled, and my security
set to medium.
Besides the error, I also get the frame in a dark shade of gray, that
is suppose to display my pictures. I havent tried it yet, but
could the problem be that, I set up to create my slideshow with the
picture size at 800x600? I know it said that the free xat program
would only allow a frame size of 320x240, but i found i could adjust
it. I would like to find out what my problem is, before buying the
full program. I have a gazzillion beautiful photos from my road
trips, and this program will be very handy for me, if it works for
me. I do not know much about html, or web building, I just go around
and copy, paste, read, and learn as I go. Hope someone out there can
help me.
Thanks in advanced! and once I get this thing working, I would
love to share photos with you all. I am not even close to being an
amature photo artist, but hey, you dont have to be with a cannon g3


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