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cant send email to [email protected]

Messagehis was not from me I have not had that problem yet I do have my fi
ngers crossed hoping I want.I made one slide show with xatshow had 180 phot
os had transitions on them.Which all played on my pc but not the TV.Oh yes
I had 6 wav tunes on it also.the only problem I have as each song starts an
d just as the 3rd photo come up the tune stops it steps back 3 photos and s
tarts again then it plays all the way through until the next song starts th
en it will do the same thing.One more thing it does not do that on the firs
t song played.I was hoping to get this figured out soon.I am going into Veg
as Tuesday stopping by Fry"s to see what they have that will do what I want
.Did not really want to buy another software I have bought 2 all ready.One
was when they at a store told me it did slide shows all it was/was a photo

That will work too Sandy

I have given up including music for that reason; now i simply contact a
homemade CD directly to back of widescreen TV; my slides are played thru a
DVD and I just coordinate the timing the best I can......josh

Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2004 3:39 PM

You have to remember that most disc only hold roughly 700 mgbs and if y
ou are using music you have to allow for that as music takes up a lot of sp
ace on them. I rarely make a disc with more than a hundred images so that I
have room for two or maybe at the most three songs on them. Sandy

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