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I really mudt be doing something wrong.Can not imagine why it works for you
and it shows me up evertime.I wonder if maybe I should remove it and redow
nload again I have did it twice so I guess one more want hurt.My transition
s will not play on the TV and that is with Beta.also any music over one all
will skip back 2 frames music and pics to start over it will then play thr
ough until the next song and it does it"s skip trick again.

To add another song, all you have to do is click on add files.
You choose a second song. I have made shows with 200 pictures
and three or four songs. no problem. If you want the second song
to start at a certain point, you have to figure how long each slide
is. That takes time. I'm hoping the next version will have something
where you have 1 song timed to a group of pictures.


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