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cant send email to [email protected]

I have put 800 pictures & 14 MP3's behind them & it worked.
There is an error that says you are using more than you are.
If you have software that gives you disk information & you can see
that theirs is wrong
Which choice did you select to use to burn ?
I have tried easy cd creator the only choice is 4 or 5 I have 6 & 7
is now out so they are behind & I used their built in & they both
worked with a few glitches here & there just not good enough for my
taste but if you are only going to use it on a computer you can't
beat free & it does a good job there.
The zoom transition in the random transitions makes the picture
distorted & you can't just remove that one transition so you can't
choose random or everytime the zoom transition rolls around it messes
up your show so you are left with 2D, 3D, or just using one
The best quality you will get is to use only pictures, no transitions
& no music files ( Pretty boring to watch that way )

This software still has a long way to go before it's worth paying
for. Great idea they just can't or won't fix the problems but were
quick to refund my money.

> You have to remember that most disc only hold roughly 700 mgbs and
if you are using music you have to allow for that as music takes up a
lot of space on them. I rarely make a disc with more than a hundred
images so that I have room for two or maybe at the most three songs
on them. Sandy

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