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> Steve:
> Sandy is talking about version 5.10 beta 7
> Get it here. It will solve many of your problems

The information is correct download this version it will do
transitions & music I am not sure if it is a 30 day trial ? If you
have to buy it ? or how that works since I got a refund.

> At 04:12 PM 02/05/2004, you wrote:
> >OK Sandy
> >Now some one I know maybe I can find out some thiings.First I
> >the new 5.02.But you must be talking about something else what is
> >beta.Is that a desiese you may get from going to beda to early??
> >Steve
> >they do have it now but it is a beta Sandy
> >
> >I am not sure I understand all the lingo out there but is someone
> >sayiny that zatshow has a new one out that will play transitions
> >all on the TV??
> >Steve
> >
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