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> I really mudt be doing something wrong.Can not imagine why it works
for you and it shows me up evertime.I wonder if maybe I should remove
it and redownload again I have did it twice so I guess one more want
hurt.My transitions will not play on the TV and that is with
Beta.also any music over one all will skip back 2 frames music and
pics to start over it will then play through until the next song and
it does it"s skip trick again.
> Steve

What is your processor speed ? How Much Memory Do You Have, Hard
Drive Size ? Is anything else running when you are creating your
shows ? What kind of burner ? Does it say it will do VCD format
compatible ?
> To add another song, all you have to do is click on add files.
> You choose a second song. I have made shows with 200 pictures
> and three or four songs. no problem. If you want the second song
> to start at a certain point, you have to figure how long each slide
> is. That takes time. I'm hoping the next version will have
> where you have 1 song timed to a group of pictures.
> robin

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