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Burn a slideshow

Thanks for input. I have finally succeeded. The key seems to have
been to start over from scratch, and to delete all the earlier files -
.xats, .cif, .nrg. Then I started afresh, used setting Cd Writer file
type "Easy CD Creator 5". Then "create auto". Then burned 'using
external cd-writer' (or however the instructions are phrased).

> Can someone please refresh my memory? I succeeded in creating and
> burning a vcd last year, but this year I have different cd creating
> programs (Nero and Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6). I have saved both
> .cif and .nrg versions as well as the .xats files. It seems that if
> want to burn straight from Xatshow, then I must recreate the
> each time, otherwise the burn options don't show up. Can I not just
> start up the cd burner software and burn the nrg or cif file? In
> case, I am having no success at all. The disc won't play (shows
> blank) in my dvd player, although last year's is great. A
> that I can see in the files on disc is that the successful one has
> "install.exe" file on it, and the bad one has a "show.exe" file
> instead. Anyone have a clue?
> Thks

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