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Collaboration on slide show sizes

I have been doing some experimentation with how to fit the maximum
number of photos on a disk. I specifically build VCDs with sound and
the embedded PC slide show - I know others have their own compositions
and reasons for making them smaller than (such as web download time) or
maximizing the amount that can fit on a piece of media.

I have started the attached table which details which actions you can
take to reduce the overall size of your show and/or maximize the media
you are writing to.

If anyone knows the answers in the places where I've guessed - please
send them my way. If you have additional actions that you've found
reduce the size of your shows, please send them my way. I'll update the
table periodically and resend it.

Perhaps this could eventually become part of the FAQ or something - but
right now I just wanted to share what I've learned and give others an
opportunity to do so as well.

Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

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