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Problem with starting applet after uploading to website

Hi Rob,

I took a quick look and think the problem might be that you have spelt the actual file xatshowapplet.jar without a capital A in the middle (exatshowApplet.jar) although your HTML file refers to . Most servers are case-sensitive to file names as they usually run on UNIX whilst most PC systems runing WIndows are not, hence it will work on ur PC but not from the server...try that


Rob Corner


Rob Corner <rob@ > wrote:

I can view web slideshows on the local PC that I created the
slideshow on.
I can even view them across our network from a different PC.
BUT, when I upload them to our website, the applet will not load.
I have all the files (.html and .jpg and .jar) in the same folder but
the applet will not start.

here is a link to one slideshow that I have uploaded that will not

Please, what am I doing wrong?


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