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Glad to have been of some help.

Yes, 5 x 4 is the normal TV screen ratio. It is also very close to the
normal digital camera ratio.

The new wide scree TV screen format which will predominate within the next
few years is 9 x 16.

I don't do much musical accompaniment and refrain from giving advice in
that area.

I don't think there is a limit other than the capacity of your CD or DVD
disk. However, I tend to break my slide shows into "chapters" so that parts
can be viewed independent of the whole set.

Your 300 slides @ 6 seconds each (plus 1 second between each) lasts a total
of 2099 seconds or 35 minutes.

I have given hundreds of lectures during my career as a scientist and would
consider this a long show which may be somewhat tedious for the viewer.


At 08:19 AM 09/02/2005, you wrote:

>Hi Shier,
> thanks for repling, I had found the auto crop but of course
>it croppes just where it is not wanted!
>I did as you suggested and pre croped them in Photoshop, is 5x4in the
>best size for normal TV screen?
>also how do you work the length of music files to match the amount of
>I have done one with 300 photos with 6 sec viewing, and have one to
>do with 700 shots, is there a limit?
> thanks Mick.
>--- In xatshow@ , Shier Berman <shier@ > wrote:
> > Mick:
> >
> > Xatshow gives you the option to crop your slides to 4 x 5 in the
> > menu (lower left corner) during the entering process.
> >
> > I prefer to crop my slides using an editing program such as
> > Elements or ACDSee (there are numerous programs out there that will
>do this
> > rather quickly) before entering the images into Xatshow. I keep the
> > slides in separate folders and maintain the originals.
> >
> > When I get rich I may want to crop them to 16 x 9 format.
> >
> > Xatshow is a great program. Have fun.
> >
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