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Sorry more on re sizing for slide show making.

If you use irfanview and do it in batch resizing you can use the pixil or i
nches.I use the pixel and 640x 480 has Sandy says.

I do all of my images at 640 x 480 for my slide shows and they work great
. Only thing is on vertical shots then you have to make the height no more
than 480 or they get cut off on the bottom. With this sizing I have to do v
ery little cropping within the show itself. I generally make sure that I ha
ve a black background around the image so that it blends in with the screen
. I do mine all in psp. Sandy

Hi Sandy,

Being of the age I am it is best for me to work in inches ot
herwise I shall get in an even bigger mess J

640 x 480 px makes an even small than 4x3inch photo, is it that as long a
s the % is right it does not matter?

I can see that the smaller pixel size viewable is best overall.


Mick Cant

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