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xatshow 7.0 DVD beta **2** released

> xatshow 7.0 Beta 2 has been uploaded here:
> It adds the ability to create DVDs.
> This version adds the ability to burn DVDs or to
> make .ISO DVD image
> files.
> If you have a burner like Nero or Record now you may
> be better off
> making a .ISO and burning that with your burner.
> If you have time to try it I would appreciate your
> feedback.
> Regards Chris.
> Chris: I have just downloaded the software but am
unable to open a trial version. The error message says
that my trial period has expired. It has been over 3
years since I tried this software and would like
another chance to see what the latest version
includes. Can you send me a temporary release code?
Henry Fischer

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