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What is an .ISO?

Dear Michael,

I'll take this in two parts, DVD and VCD.

===== DVD ====

A .ISO file is a file that contains the complete DVD put into 1
file. Most DVD burners (eg Nero and RecordNow) can burn .ISO files.
It may be best to use the burner that came with your PC rather than
the xatshow built in burner so the .ISO file is the safest approach.

For example my PC came with RecordNow and that happily burns .ISO
files onto DVD-R. So far I have not been able to make Nero burn any
DVDs onto DVD-R on my PC.

===== VCD ====

The .ISO file doesn't make good VCDs. Its better to use one of the
other formats. Preferably one that gos with your burner software.

Regards Chris.

> Hi,
> I have seen it quoted before, and have Nero 6 on my computer, but
> someone
> Explain what a ".iso" is and, why it is better to burn to disc in
> order, instead of as with the Standard 6 4021
> Version, where we are prompted to burn the VCD as the slide show is
> created,
> Thanks for being patient with a newbie,
> Mick.

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