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xatshow 7.0 DVD beta **4** released

> This is now getting close to the final release with no known bugs
> but with testing to be done.
> Note DVDs are supported for standard and Professional editions.
> If you have time to try it I would appreciate your feedback.
> Regards Chris.

Chris, downloaded xatshow 7.0 DVD beta 4. Worked very well.
Generated one show 3-titles (menu), and one 200+ show with no menu.
Several photo's on the show have "flickering", or glimmer on
horizontal edges and the "striped shirt" flicker one gets on TV's. I
was hoping your "flicker filter" would eliminate the effect, but it
didn't. I have gotten this effect on other programs (nero). Should
not use zoom transition as it makes it worse. Anybody else have this
effect? It might help to allow DVD burn at 704x480. Your SVCD shows
do not have this "flicker" problem.

A few problems: 1)when using the sequencer file 1, file 2, file 3
(three shows with menu)ended up as F3, F2, F1, and I could not re-
order them. Finally, deleted them from Sequencer then added back in
F1, F2, F3 and it was OK.

Did the menu show on DVD-RW works on PC and TV, did no menu show on
DVD+R worked on TV, on PC sound no photo's??


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