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pictues not changing fast enough

Good Morning
Thanks for the help. Yes I am new at making the slide shows and have one ot
her program but this one is so much more advanced but also I feel that it w
ill be a good one when I can get used to it.
I am not sure what you mean by vcd's but presume that it is a video show. R
ight now I am only interested in making CD's to play on the computer but wo
uld love to know how to make ones that can be played in a DVD so that a few
can watch them at one time on the television.
I do have programs where I can make up a lead in page or sheet and thanks f
or that suggestion. It was just that the other program that I have on here
has one that you can set to fade in or other ways of coming up on the scree
n . I guess no two are ever going to be alike in the way that they function
and that is what makes each one unique.
Again I thank you for the info and I know that I am going to enjoy working
with this program Sandy D

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