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Emailing Slideshows as.EXE - Blocked by recipiant

Hello , new to this foum and XAT.

A student of mine uses XAT to send photo slide shows to his friends.

He says he has problems with the recipients not being able to open his
Emailed slideshows.

Is it because their Anti-Virus is treating the file ( as an .EXE ) as
a threat ? and ,if so, is there a way to overcome this ( i.e Put it
in- side a Folder before Emailing ).

Have suggested pre-warning the recipient and then they turn off
Anti-Virus etc., open the Emailed slideshow , then restore the
Anti-Virus , but seems very time consuming and not suitable as far as
my student is concerned.

Any better ideas ( Im sure there is ! ) would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

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