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xatshow adding folders/file

Hello Mick

Thanx for replying to my request about adding files to xat. You are the one and only reply......... all the other replies were advertising junk........LOL
I had not originally asked for replies......... preferred to read answers on the site.... but a big mistake.
As to your suggestion............ I have had that boxed ticked but the images doesnt seem to be placed on the file cd, so that when you browse the cd you have access to them for printing etc. I went to website for xat again and tried to find something and on features I think it was it said that in VideoCD mode other than the actual files for the slideshow to work, you can add additional files... eg and exe files. I am thinking now that if you add a zip file, because its not the jpg file (the pics) the program actually adds it as a seperate file. I havent tried it yet so dont know if it works!!!! Thnx again for your suggestion.

By the way.......... I see that you are on the Isle of Wight?!!! We have a cousin living there too ))))

Michael Cant <mickcant@ > wrote:

Sent: 08 September 2005 08:16

Hello again
I did post a question back in early august but have had no reply from
anyone ( I want to know how to add a folder, which would contain
pictures from the actuall slideshow, so that when you
actually "search" the cd after its burnt you can get access to
pictures in the slideshow...say for printing. It can be done because
I have acquired pictures from someone's cd. I use xat version 5
professional. Would be thankful for some help. Bel

Hi Bel, I have been looking for a reply, but since there has not been one
that I have seen, will try to answer,
I use the standard paid for DVD version, in mine to do that, I.
put a tick on the "Options" tab, in the bottom box, marked: include
original image files on the CD/DVD.
Hope that is of some help,

Mick Cant
Isle of Wight
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