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Suggestions for Improvement

Hello Rahim,

Thanks for your purchase and feedback on the software. We will be enhancing the tool and website in response to customer requests in the near future.

- Option to have no borders for pictures as well
We plan to add this soon.

- Ability to duplicate user's designed layout
We plan to add this soon.

- Option to include swf files
Its not likely that we will be allowing swf files to be included in the immediate future due to technical difficulties with including them. Can you help me to understand what you want to use them for?

- Sound over and down buttons
Yes this is a great idea and I'm guessing you would like to be able to have background music and audio questions as well?

- Ability to change font sizes, and font types will be desirable.
Differing fonts and font sizes wasn't a priority for the first version but we will be allowing more customization in future versions.

If you've got any other comments, suggestions or ideas please let me know.

Thank you!

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