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Putting Pictures in Order

Before the new release of XATSHOW, I just used Windows file renames to order
the photos.

This can be done in by changing the names of the files in an Explorer Window
using F2. Say I have 20 files named Grand Canyon.jpg, Mount Rushmore.jpg,
Capitol.jpg, Golden Gate.jpg, and so on. And I want them to display in the
order listed. First get them into the same folder. Then rename them A Grand
Canyon.jpg, B Mount Rushmore.jpg, C Capitol.jpg, D Golden Gate.jpg and so
on. Suppose I later find another picture of the Capitol (say Capitol
night.jpg) that I want to be part of the slide show. Then I rename as
follows: C1 Capitol.jpg, C2 Capitol night.jpg. When I'm starting a show and
not sure how I'm going to put it together. I might rename the 1st photograph
with an A, the next with a C, the next with an E and so on. That gives me
some room to insert later on. It's very much like outlining and it works

Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 6:10 PM

Can anyone tell me the best way of putting the pictures in order in
a folder so that when you upload them to the show site that you do
not have to move them all around to get them in the order that you
wish them to be shown. I am using XP if that makes a difference.
thanks Sandy D

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