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Tips for uploading a slideshow to your website

Having followed the instructions included in the xatshow help to upload my slideshow to my website, the applet did'nt work. I have spent days trying to rectify the problem and have finally achieved a working applet. For anyone who needs help, please try the following:
For this example our website is called
1 . Before uploading the xat show files to your website, create a folder in your website directory and name it classes, if you intend creating more than one slideshow than use subfolders:
Upload all the files created by xatshow to the relevant classes folder.

2.Having copied the html code to the clipboard in xatshow, paste the code to the page on your website where you want the slideshow to appear. Now using your html editor amend the archive code and basecode to include the path to your website and the classes folder
For example
a) amend <applet archive="xatshowApplet.jar" to read <applet archive=""
b) amend codebase="." to read codebase="

If this helps please let me know by replying to this thread, maybe the administrators will make the thread sticky to help other newcomers.
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