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Difference between the programs

Hello Sandy

>Eactly what do you get for the more costly version compared to the
>less costly one?

The Professional Edition allows you to:

Change the text and graphics that accompany the PC slide show and screen saver.
Change the link button link to your web page.
Disable the Export button if you wish to avoid your images being used for other
Turn off the slideshow settings menus
Make PC and VideoCD slideshows that will run once and stop (suitable for
Add custom files SETUP.EXE, FILES.ZIP and/or AUTORUN.INF to the VideoCD
Set the volume name of the VideoCD
Customize Web SlideShows web links

>Also I am not sure if I asked if you save a show to a folder can you
>later on burn it to a disk for use on a DVD and to do that do you
>need a DVD writer or will it burn on a regular CD burner?
Yes, you can reload the .xats file and then make a VideoCD. This is a CD (not a
DVD) but you need Nero or Easy CD writing software too.


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