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Just thinking

It was brought to my attention that for Chris to answer all our
questions on how to and why might be answered by some of us on this

Chris, you are doing a great job and I know that this must be a full
time job at times!!

All our email address are obtainable so why not if we can answer a
question just email.

Is that acceptable Chris?

I have a question as to: How do you make a menu! I did do one by
just trial and error and did burn a CD but when I went to make three
wide screen presentation on one CD making a menu a prompt said that a
paraticular presentation had no images and to give it some or delete
it. I know it had images but could not figure out what was wrong.

Do you use 1. Add a file or 2. Add a folder

I could not get any icons up on the menu except one and that was my
title slide for one.

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