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Just thinking

Hello Sandra and Harry

If other users answer first that's fine by me an I often don't answer. In fact
other users often have much better answers especially if its on a Subject I
don't know much about!


There are several ways of making a menued slideshow...

The easiest is if your pictures are already laid out on disk in a structure

For example if pictures on your disk are in the form:

(+ indicates a folder)

If you point the "Images Folder" on the settings page at "MyPhotos" and leave
"Music Filename" unchecked, xatshow will automatically build a menued slideshow.

In the above (small) example), the slideshow will be called "MyPhotos", the menu
will se menupic.jpg for its background image and menu sound will be used for
background music for the menu.

The menu will have two slideshows called Hols2001 and Hols 2002 which will
contain slideshows of the pictures and sounds contained in the Hols2001 and
Hols2002 folders. In this case:

sinatra.mp3, pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg for slideshow 1


img1, img2 for slideshow 2

This can be useful if your pictures are already laid out on your hard disk in
this way.

The other ways to make a menu are with the sequencer.

The easiest way is with drag and drop.

Press the New button and o to the Sequencer tab.

Open an explorer window and drag and drop the images for the first slideshow
onto the sequencer.
Then press the "New Slideshow" button and drag and drop images for the second
slideshow onto the 2nd slideshow in the sequencer. Repeat this for each

Feel free to experiment with the sequencer. Try dragging and dropping files onto
it and you will soon see how it works. If you get in a mess press the New

Regards Chris.

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