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Exclamation Guide to quiz uploading

Uploading a quiz is easy. The following may help you to get started:

1) If you haven't already download the quiz maker software

2) You need to register before you can upload to the permanent categories. This is easy and free. You have to check the "Remember Me?" box. If you don't register you can still upload a quiz but it will be deleted some time later.

3) You can delete a quiz after uploading it at any time. If you just want to test the system upload a test quiz to the "Test Quizzes" category and delete it afterwards. (To delete a quiz use Quiz Tools->Edit/Delete Quiz)

4) If you want to upload a quiz that will not be of interest to general visitors or is not in the English language please upload it to the "Member's Quizzes" category.

5) If you upload a quiz with personal details e.g. "What size of shoes does Chris have?" please upload it to the "Member's Quizzes" category.
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