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Which media to used

Some additional thoughts on media:

*) CDRW are slower because burners burn them at half the speed or slower
and because you may have to erase them before use.
*) Regular CDRs can be added-on to, or even overwrite existing files IF:
1) you don't "close the disk session", 2) the machines that you use the
disk on support multi-session disk reading (most do).
*) Many VCD players may be able to read CDRs but not CDRWs because there
is additional expense in creating a device that can read both.

*) Here's an overall thought too - remember that getting the latest,
fastest burner may require the latest high-speed media. A 16x burner
can burn a CDR (with no verification) in about 3 minutes. So faster and
faster may be unnecessary expense given your situation.

*) If you need multiple copies, software like Nero can use two burners
at the same time - I do this for work.

Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 7:39 AM

Of course I am not Ed but just to give you a bit of advice. If you are
backing up programs and such off of your computer I would recommend that
you use regular non rewritable CD's as they seem to hold info better or
at least they do for me and they are cheap enough that you can toss out
the old one when you back up again. I do mine at least once a week as I
have too much stuff on here to lose but I do also keep the older ones
too just in case that one of the others does not work for one reason or
another. Sandy

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