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Just thinking

Do any of you folks --read-- the instructions or do the tutorials that come
with the program? How do I make a menu?? C'mon, that's a very basic
function of Xatshow. I also read a question regarding whether Xatshow "can
make a show that will run in a DVD player" (using a standard CD burner to
burn the CD-R disc). Yes, that's what the tab Video CD/ DVD does. In fact,
at present, Xatshow can only make VCD shows so even if you -did- have a true
DVD burner you could not make a true DVD disc.

I think many of the more experienced users will be happy to share their
knowledge and Chris should not have to do it all. But--- When the answers to
the questions you ask are already in the documentation that comes with the
program, it's obvious you haven't taken the time to read and attempt to learn
the program on your own.

Sure... we can keep giving you fish. But wouldn't you rather learn to fish
for yourself?

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