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Just thinking


What you say is basically true. But for me there is something missing in
the Xatshow tutorial regarding menus.

I have been working with computers since the mid 1960s and have developed
many comprehensive computer programs over 3 decades of directing a large
research laboratory.

However, for some reason, I could not figure out how to make a menu for

Happily, John Greenwood (bless him!) sent me step by step directions which
worked beautifully.

I then went back to the tutorial and still couldn't see how I would have
done it without John's help.

Chris is great. I admire his willingness to help and the speed with which
he responds.

Shier Berman

At 12:09 AM 2/28/2003 -0500, you wrote:

>Do any of you folks --read-- the instructions or do the tutorials that
>come with the program? How do I make a menu?? C'mon, that's a very basic
>function of Xatshow. I also read a question regarding whether Xatshow
>"can make a show that will run in a DVD player" (using a standard CD
>burner to burn the CD-R disc). Yes, that's what the tab Video CD/ DVD
>does. In fact, at present, Xatshow can only make VCD shows so even if you
>-did- have a true DVD burner you could not make a true DVD disc.
>I think many of the more experienced users will be happy to share their
>knowledge and Chris should not have to do it all. But--- When the answers
>to the questions you ask are already in the documentation that comes with
>the program, it's obvious you haven't taken the time to read and attempt
>to learn the program on your own.
>Sure... we can keep giving you fish. But wouldn't you rather learn to
>fish for yourself?
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