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Just thinking

I think documentation is quite unclear for novices.

If you read the "XATSHOW Overview" in the help file - it would be
confusing if you did not know that "VCD" and "DVD" are entirely
difference disk formats. The section uses the term "DVD player" many
times with no one or two sentence tutorial to help. It says on a "burn
on a CD-R/RW" - but you still have to know what VCD and DVD are to
decipher that:

"VCD is a basic type of video disk that can be created on a standard CD
writing drive on standard CDR or RW media. VCDs can be played on many
set-top DVD players but you must check your DVD manual to be sure if
yours can ."

I think the vast majority of potential users of this software would
never want to signup for a mailing list - even if they knew what one was
or how to find it on the site.

The documentation/samples/tutorials have to be rock solid and
self-guided and written to the user level that is the target market of
the product in order for the product to thrive.

The goal should actually be to get all the basic conversations off the
list by making the product intuitive and the documentation thorough.

Chris and company are working hard on what is already an excellent
product - after 18 months of searching, I've found the tool to do my
job! However, I am a technical user and in order for the product to be
popular outside of technical users, the documentation and interface
needs to be improved or this list will surely be flooded with "how to
turn it on" messages.

Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 12:10 AM

Do any of you folks --read-- the instructions or do the tutorials that
come with the program? How do I make a menu?? C'mon, that's a very
basic function of Xatshow. I also read a question regarding whether
Xatshow "can make a show that will run in a DVD player" (using a
standard CD burner to burn the CD-R disc). Yes, that's what the tab
Video CD/ DVD does. In fact, at present, Xatshow can only make VCD
shows so even if you -did- have a true DVD burner you could not make a
true DVD disc.

I think many of the more experienced users will be happy to share their
knowledge and Chris should not have to do it all. But--- When the
answers to the questions you ask are already in the documentation that
comes with the program, it's obvious you haven't taken the time to read
and attempt to learn the program on your own.

Sure... we can keep giving you fish. But wouldn't you rather learn to
fish for yourself?

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