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Help files

I think the help files are fairly good, my only real quibble is with the me
nu topic which I feel wants simplifying.
I have installed hundreds of programs and had to find out how they function
and it can sometimes take a while. It can require maybe hours of delving a
nd learning as everything can be new. That is the thing about computers, th
ey are complicated animals and you can't expect companies to go into minute
detail describing how every little bit of a program works. I think it is u
p to the individual to teach himself by enquiring from books or off the int
ernet or joining a tech forum and asking questions there.
I don't think xat should have to go into details of what are vcd's and the
difference between cdr's and cdrw's etc. , etc. A lot of this work has to b
e done by the individual. The only way to really learn and for info to sink
in is by making an effort and doing it yourself. For instance to find out
what a vcd is just do a search on the internet or start getting a computer
mag every now and again.

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