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5.1 beta 1 (VCD transitions + graphical reorder)

Hi Sandy, If you are happy with what you have just run that. Programs are
always being constantly upgraded but it does not mean you have to keep upda
ting yourself and I would not recommend you download the betas unless you k
now what you are doing. Wait until the beta has been fully tested by others
who may know a little more than you, then if you want you can upgrade for
more features. Everything in life is more or less being upgraded all the ti
me. If you bought a new car, maybe in 3 months a new model will be out, you
don't bother, do you, you just keep the one you have a bit longer.
I don't really know about xat policy but some companies will let you have s
o many upgrades for the original price. Then for a really major upgrade you
may have to pay a reduced fee if you want it. After all the company has to
keep the money rolling in to pay staff.
PS You don't lose the program you paid for, I assume you can keep it foreve
r if you want!

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