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cropping in Freeware edition

Hi, Dominique,

I am experiencing a very similar problem with the Standard Edition.
It does work fine on one computer (which is not the one I can use) but
it won't work on mine. Both are XP machines and use Roxio for CD
Have you figured out your problem yet?

Thanks, Joyce

<dominique.barthel@ >" <dominique.barthel@ > wrote:
> Let me rephrase that : the cropping I get is not the one I drew in
> the slide tab. I get more of the picture than I want. Since I
> intended to only crop so slightly, I got the full picture.
> I tried cropping smaller parts of the picture, and I do get some
> cropping, albeit larger and offset compared to what I drew.
> Any hints?
> --- In xatshow@ , "Dominique Barthel
> <dominique.barthel@ >" <dominique.barthel@ > wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I just downloaded the Freeware version of xatshow. I don't seem
> > be able to crop images. I can drag a crop box on an image, but it
> > does not seem to be taken into account when creating the
> > Any idea?
> >
> > Dom

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