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Choose slide as menu representative


I think I mentioned this before, but in case it's not on the "wish list" --

The program currently picks the first slide in a show as the "representative"
for what will be displayed for that show if a menu is made. I would like to
be able to flag whichever slide I want as the menu representative, not
necessarily the first one. Currently, should I choose to have my show fade
up from black and the first slide is black, that's what will be displayed on
the menu. Not good.

BTW -- A competitor, PhotonTV was also working on VCD shows with transitions.
Their image quality looked much better that what I see at present when using
Xatshow 5.1 beta...but.... where they were having problems was in getting the
show, (and particularly the music), not to skip and stutter anytime a
transition was in progress. I've not had a beta from them in a while to see
if they've licked this problem. With many programs seeking this, it seems
quite the "horserace" at the moment.

Is there a technical reason why high image quality and VCD shows with
transitions can't coexist or is it just that no one has quite figured out how
to do this yet? I'm all for transitions, but not at the expense of image
quality. If that's not possible, move on to something else... perhaps custom
synchronization of slides with the music or some of the stuff we see in
programs like Pictures-to-Exe (which has great versatility when making .exe
shows, but can't make VCD shows). Or maybe forget about making VCD shows
with transitions and add a component that will make true DVD shows - have a
look at Sonic MyDVD to see how they've addressed this - VCD shows do not have
transitions, DVD shows do.


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