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Another question

Yes I was talking about the CD burner which is Acer by brand and which has
worked great for me for regular burning of songs and stuff like that and I
use it to put all of my pictures and things on as the original CD rom that
came with the computer is not working. I am just looking to get the best th
at I can afford to put on the computer so that even though I do not have a
DVD player myself either for the television or on the computer I can do up
disc that will work in them as my one daughter does have one.
I just burned the one show that I had mentioned earlier to you on disk but
of course now have to wait until I get a chance to see if it will work on t
he DVD player or not but have my doubts. I burned it from the NGR file so w
ill see.
I love to play with this stuff and really like the slide program for the m
ost part but have only tried a couple of others before. I do find this one
fairly easy to navigate through and although I have seen a couple of others
with some really nice transitions on it that this one does not have and ar
e nice I guess there are enough on here to use.
Do you suggest using only one or two for a whole show of say 10 minutes lon
g to keep it interesting or what? Thanks once more.
Gee just looked out the window and it is snowing once more. Sandy

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