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Another question

Hi again
No the only thing that I have on here with Nero is what is in one of the pl
ug in filters for Irfanview but know nothing about that at all only what I
have heard. Sorry to sound so dumb but when It comes to understanding the c
omputer I sure am.
I did not get the EZ creator program yet but was thinking of it. Is Nero so
mething that you can just buy as a program to download?
I don't even know how I ended up with the NRG file but it showed up in the
folder that I keep the slide shows in after I finished the one up. I have
not noticed that showing up before when I only did the pc/slide show one bu
t when I tried to use the tab for the create CD one is when it came up so I
have just saved it for now and did send to a disc but of course I can not
play it on here as I do not have DVD and am not sure that it is good for an
ything at all.
It does say though on the site that you can burn with the EZ Creator so tha
t is why I had thought of buying it as it is reasonable in price but do not
want to waste money on something that is going to be of no use to me. Woul
d rather spend a bit more on something that I am going to be able to work w
ith. Sometimes I feel that I am just getting in way over my head with this
stuff but it fascinates me to no end. Sandy

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