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Black Slide Color Background Solved

I have solved the problem but merely by just an experiment.

I went to sequencer clicked slide tab and yes the slide was greay
with white letters. I clicked the button for enhanse and when it
said on the slide was black like I wanted it to be.

It matters not, apparently, that the slides should be at the front,
(black slides) of the presentation which it is. (two black slides)

I have two at the beginning and a few in the middle and it workds.


Chris suggested to me that the temp. music files should be checked
and it always was. My music for this slide show IS stored in a
folder that I orgionally used and still the XAT.COM program chooses
to re-convert the music again and again. (perhaps I need a separate
folder labeled Xatco music?) In fact all my music is in separate
folders Big Bank, Christian, Waltz, etc.

Could some one let me know more information about the music in
General tab.

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