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Doing a show on VCD

I do not yet have Easy Creator for burning a VCD yet but want to
know if I should get the new version out that is version 6 as that
is not listed on the ones work with this program or should I look
for the 5 version of it.
Also I take it from reading the tutorial that I can do the show now
and choose the format for the Easy creator and burn it later on. Is
this correct?
I know that the transitions do not work good for doing this but is
it an automatic what I would call cut that moves one picture to the
other one?
Also do I still use the tab that I can see what each one will look
like on the show or do I have to just go with the automatic crop to
fit screen on doing it this way?
Also for example if I have thirty pictures what would be a good
number of songs to play with it? Is there any special way of
figuring out a method for doing this? I have noticed on doing the
shows for on the computer that sometimes the pictures stay on longer
than what I had set and I take it that this is to go along with the
music. Maybe I need less music or more pictures.
As you can see I am still experimenting with the program but love it.
Also is there a place on the internet that I can download the Easy
Creator program from? I realize that I have to pay for it but
thought that this may be the best way to obtain it. Thanks Sandy

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