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Am I doing this right? (Selecting photos to use)

> I'm using the xatshow demo. I have all my photos stored in
> my "Photos" folder. The way I'm selecting the photos I want to use
> (in either DVD slideshow or PC screensaver) is to click
my "Photos"
> folder, then click the Sequencer tab. A listing of all those
> is in the left pane of Sequencer. There, I click on any photo I
> want to use and click "Remove." This is a laborious process, even
> though I only have about 50 images in my Photos folder. Is there a
> better way (seems the opposite would be better)? Thanks for any
help. Easier if you make a new folder inside your photo folder and
drag the ones you want to use for show into it then when you open
the file in xat you only have the ones you want.

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